Nativity Preparatory School is an independent, tuition-free middle school for boys from low income areas in Greater New Bedford.  The school receives no state or federal funding and received initial start up support from the Highland Street Foundation.  Continued funding for Nativity comes from individuals, businesses and foundation and fundraising events in the spring and fall.

There are several opportunities for donors to support Nativity.  All gifts to Nativity Preparatory School are tax deductible, and gifts of any size or amount are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Annual Golf Event

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*Please use the Pay Now Button Below to Pay Your Golf Fees.

Golf Fees (18 holes of golf, lunch, & dinner):

Individual Golfer: $250

Foursome: $1,000

Tennis & Dinner: $75

Extra Guest for dinner: $40


The cost to sponsor student at Nativity for one year is $5,000. A sponsorship can be provided in one of several ways.

  • Full Sponsorship – $5,000 for one year
  • Partial Sponsorship – $2,500 for one year
  • Group Sponsorship – Several individuals collectively sponsor one student by sharing the $5,000 sponsorship

Sponsors receive regular updates from Nativity on the progress of their student.  Sponsors also receive student written letters and invitations to various school events, including the annual science and social studies fairs.

The student sponsorship program is designed to provide donors with the knowledge that their support is having a significant impact on the education of a young boy.


The cost of a teacher sponsorship is $10,000.

Nativity teachers are all recent college graduates.  In return for their work they receive a stipend, housing, and health insurance from Nativity Prep. Nativity faculty take part in the Americorps Program and are eligible to receive a grant for their first two years of service.


Persons interested in supporting Nativity can also contribute to specific programs, including the arts, music, and athletics.


  • Music program – $2,500
  • Art program – $2,500
  • Athletic Teams – $500 to $1,000

Donations of products, services or time and expertise are always welcome.  At this time Nativity has a need for:

  • MEMORIAL GIFTS – As a tribute to a family member or friend, you may consider giving a gift to Nativity in their name.  Nativity acknowledges all gifts and, if you wish, will honor your request to inform family members of your donation to the school.
  • RECOGNITION OF SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS – You may wish to honor a family member or friend for a milestone in their life with a gift to Nativity. This is a thoughtful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a child, or a promotion.